Sharpen Your Strategic Plan

Many healthcare organizations start new initiatives and projects every year.  However, they often do not fully align them to their overall strategic plan and business initiatives.  We have developed a 90-day pre-kick-off program that has produced incredible results.  We help you better understand your leadership culture, define your goals, sharpen your strategic plan and produce a road map for ultimate success. We tie this to proven change leadership methodologies.  As a by-product, your organization will see proven tactics in action, fully aligned to the strategic plan - thus we see it sharpen.  Your strategic plan provides a core foundation of each new initiative.  Leadership and management grow in the process. Your new program/initiative transforms your operations as a result.


Don't have a strategic plan?

Many organizations either have not effectively leveraged their strategic plan, or have not updated their plan in recent months/years. Some have a strategic plan on the shelf, but it is not an actionable document that guides every decision.  We can help.

Healthcare providers (hospitals, health systems and physicians/extenders) today need excellence in three areas:

  1. Clinical care delivery - delivering safe, efficient and effective healthcare to your patients.
  2. Financial stewardship - making excellent use of your resources to achieve an operational profit.
  3. Information management - for both individualized patient care delivery and meaningful clinical and business intelligence to your leaders and management.

Your strategic plan should address all three areas.  It should be a compass for both operations and planning.  It should create the foundation for your team's most important efforts.

We must support our mission and vision with clinical, operational and financial metrics.  And we need near-real time data/analytics, not just reports from last quarter or six months ago. We can help you formulate an effective strategic plan. Typically we can formulate this in 90-150 days.

Your strategy should drive every important conversation and initiative...

Your strategy should drive every important conversation and initiative...

If you have a strategic plan...

...but wonder if you can achieve your goals within the time and budget you have communicated? Or perhaps you have seen some recent projects go past their due data or exceed the budget?

It is critical that your team understands how each major initiative supports your strategic plan.  We have taken many hospitals and offices through a 90-day process to create effective governance, messaging, engagement and (occasionally) restructuring to get results.  Each initiative should successfully bring your organization one step closer to your strategic goals. Each project should end up on time and under budget.

Typical Strategic Engagements Include:

  • Developing a strategic plan for new programs and service lines.
  • Course corrections to better align operations to your existing strategic plan.
  • More specifically align your electronic health records platform and operations to best support your strategic plan.
Great engagement Plans Mobilize your organization for success...

Great engagement Plans Mobilize your organization for success...

If you want to ensure success...

...because you don't want to run the risk of a failed initiative?  Or you may want to help your management team have a more systematic approach to new initiatives, projects or programs?

While every organization is unique, our proven change management methodology can help you apply a disciplined approach to new efforts. Create a well-documented road map to ensure that everyone is working together to find the sweet spot at the juncture of your people, processes and technology.  As organizations leverage a proven framework and get results, their key team members are better prepared for future projects and initiatives. 

Past strategic successes include:

  • Development of a new bariatrics service line for a community hospital
  • Design of an innovative process for rapidly deploying a comprehensive EHR to multiple hospitals over months rather than years.
  • Road map development and staged optimization of a cancer center's EHR.
  • Getting dozens of hospitals and clinics to high levels of EMR adoptions (HIMSS Analytics Stage 6-7)
  • Aligning EMR capabilities with patient safety initiaitves.