Medication Reconciliation: The broken prescription for medication management

Medication reconciliation (“Med Rec”), or “Med Wreck” as many now call it, has been a hot topic in healthcare for over a decade. Some people believe it began as a major patient safety initiative. It is related to the universal observation that transitions of care are the most dangerous times in healthcare.  Although we have made progress as an industry in the past five years with Med Rec improving patient care, it has its problems.

It may be that this book is your introduction to Med Rec. If so, this book is intended to give you a good definition and a little history of how this came about. 

Med Wreck fulfills one of my four principles:

Today’s problems were yesterday’s solutions!

Many physicians today see Med Rec (or “Med Wreck”, as it is often called) as the proverbial millstone around their necks.  Their responses to it vary, but fall into one of the falling categories:

  • They don’t want to do it. 

  • They want someone else to do it.

  • They go through the motions to check that they did it, even when they don’t think it is accurate.

But why is that? Isn’t Med Rec a process to make healthcare transitions safer? If so, why are doctors reluctant to do it? Doesn’t it seem logical and obvious that they need to do it and do it well? Why do many in the industry call Med Rec - “Med Wreck”?

So what is the solution…

This book is intended to address those questions and to propose a solution. It will address the history of Med Rec, the current state of Med Rec, and the planned future of Med Rec.  However, this book is also about a possible different future than that to which we are currently headed.  A future without Med Rec as we know it today.  Or more precisely, a future without “Med Wreck.” 

We hope you will download and read this free e-Book and share it with your doctors, your family and your friends.  In the meantime, also download the Patient Medication List template.  Use it to record your current medications and carry it with you at all times.  Medication management is important.  Let's all take the danger out of the process.  We hope to make Med Wreck a national conversation and a call for reform.

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