Engage a Different Style of Healthcare Consultant

Most hospitals and clinics have spent the last several years investing in information technology such as Electronic Health Records without fully understanding how to align the technology to their vision.  Are you and your patients seeing the benefits of your investment? Are you fully leveraging the tools and processes for efficiency, effectiveness and safety? Are your policies and practices aligned to today's challenges, or are you holding on to "how we have always done it?" Is your organizational culture aligned with your mission?  Clinical Business Intelligence, Meaningful Use and Accountable Care Organizations are just buzzwords if you are not realizing the benefits. Move beyond your vendors and explore how MedMorph can help you get results.

Optimize Your EHR

Today's hospitals and physician offices have invested heavily in electronic medical records (EMR) systems. However, despite the expense, many have not learned how to harvest the value from their electronic health records (EHR).  They have not made the effort to optimize. Your EHR should be an asset, and not a major liability.

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Sharpen Your Strategic Plan

Many healthcare organizations start new initiatives and projects every year.  However, they often do not fully align them to their overall strategic plan and business initiatives.

We have developed a 90-day plan that produces incredible results.

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Align Leadership & Culture 

Is your leadership culture getting results? Is every initiative on time and under-budget? if not, a may be time to align the leadership and organizational culture.  

There are six common myths about leadership culture.  

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