Dr. Phil Smith can help Solve Your “Unsolvable” Health IT Problems

Dr. Phil Smith can help Solve Your “Unsolvable” Health IT Problems

Poor Messages Only Complicate Your Problems…

Health IT can create some huge issues. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, “We can’t solve the problems we face today with the thinking that created them.” If you have a big problem to solve, you need more than new thinking, you need a new message.

The common patterns:

When it comes to “unsolvable” problems, several patterns are commonly found:

  • The leaders are not all on the same page,

  • Everyone knows the end game, but the next steps are often not clearly articulated,

  • The key players are already too busy,

  • Frustration is high, and

  • Every day or week presents a new crisis (that takes precedence)…

You also may be blinded by your internal biases. Sometimes you just need an experienced set of eyes from the outside to see those blind spots that are holding you back. Someone who can then help you organize and communicate a way out of the current muck and mire.

Start by breaking it down…

Whether you are starting a new company, launching a new product or service, or solving a chronic organizational issue, you may need someone to help you break it down into solvable pieces, and then develop the messages that will get folks on board and move them into action. Not just any action, but the right action, in the right sequence… and with everyone moving in the same direction.

You probably have great technical talent in-house… but you may have several items that are not getting the attention you need:

  • Website content

  • E-mails

  • White papers, or

  • Direct sales messages.

Perhaps you want to influence your customers and investors.  Have a "white paper" or two that can explain some topic or draw more interest to your company.  Deliver a persuasive message - while freeing up your valuable time.

Bandwidth Issues?

Most technology leaders admit there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. So it makes sense to have a freelance health IT copywriter who can pick up and turn around assignments.

In health IT, you want someone who can relate to both the technical and clinical audiences.  You want to deliver persuasive communications that get results.

For example:

  • Is your website communicating your value to your audience?

  • Are your emails effective?

  • What separates you from your competitors? How do you communicate that?

  • Are you effectively using White Papers to explain your core competencies and educate your potential buyers and partners.

While most leaders are effective on delivering their core messages, they often don't have the time (i.e. personal bandwidth) to produce all of the collateral information to support the mission. Or they produce a message that misses their target audience.

There is a solution…

Dr. Phil Smith is one of the most experienced physicians in Health IT today. He has automated over 60 hospitals, tens of thousands of doctors and nurses, and achieved high levels of adoption.  This has required effective communication and influence to executives, middle management, doctors, nurses and IT teams. 

As a practicing physician, he learned to translate difficult medical concepts to not only educate patients, but to influence their behavior. As a consultant, he can quickly help you define and communicate your next steps.

He has designed software, authored multiple white papers, and two books. He has reorganized and built healthcare teams. He has served on a national task force for the Department of Health and Human Services as both contributor and editor. He consults with healthcare organizations and companies, and maintains a health IT resources website (https://healthITaccelerator.com). You can see samples of his writing there as well and download his e-book.

Imagine, a health IT copywriter who can develop your content. His 40 years of healthcare experience means you spend less time bringing your copywriter up to speed. You benefit from someone who already knows the proper voice for the lay, clinical and technical audiences.

Fees based on results, not on hours.

Effective content is the end goal. A good health IT copywriter gets clarity on the scope of each project and provides a quote for the cost of delivery.  That cost includes gathering your resource materials, research, writing the initial draft and refining it to the final content.  It is not about how many hours it takes to get there. It’s about on time and on budget.

That is why Dr. Smith does his consulting and copywriting on a project fee basis, not hourly.  Though providing a range for each project, new clients typically start at the lower end for the first six months.  This ensures the copywriter learns the client's unique business needs, voice and style. CLICK HERE for the latest rate sheet.

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