Cerner Optimization and HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 Validation

Many hospitals and health systems have yet to realize the benefits from their EHR investment.  Cerner optimization helps you to take your EHR to the top level – to leverage this technology for improved patient care.  You may be ready to take your EHR adoption to a higher level. It is often the way to turn your EHR from a necessary expense to a valued asset.

Cerner Stage 7 Validation is the Exception, Not the Rule…

According to HIMSS Analytics (on the topic of hospital EHR adoption), only 6.4% of the 5,487 hospitals have validated Stage 7 of their Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model*. That means over 5,100 hospitals have invested millions, yet the majority are not fully benefiting from their investment. Over 40% of these are Cerner clients.

The HIMSS Analytics’ EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) sets several benchmarks for local adoption:

  • At least 90% of orders by computerized provider order entry (>90% CPOE)
  • Bar-code medication, blood and breast milk management with 95% scanning of dose and patient identification
  • An integrated digital record
  • Analytics strategy that improves patient care

Financial Benefits of Cerner Optimization

Cerner optimization means more than just improved user and patient satisfaction

Hospitals achieving HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 validation tend to have better bond ratings and reduction in expenses such as cybersecurity insurance premiums.  Your IT department can get you to Stage 6.  Only committed senior leadership gets you to Stage 7. An experienced consultant can help you cross the finish line.

It makes sense to develop a road map for your Cerner optimization. Start with a physician informatician who has both led Stage 7 achievement as a CMIO, and does Stage 7 validations for HIMSS Analytics as a reviewer. Contact us today to set up a free conference call.


*, 2017 Q4 report.

**Cerner EHR refers to electronic health records products of Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO


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