Dr. Philip A. Smith is founder (2012) and managing member of MedMorph, LLC.  Dr. Smith is a Board Certified Family Physician with sub-specialty in Clinical Informatics. 

During my 40 years in healthcare, I been able to work with some incredible mentors and organizations. I have been able to serve in various roles from practicing physician, medical staff leader, hospital administration and chief medical information officer.

“These various vantage points has given me some unique experiences that I leverage as both a consultant and a writer.

“You may be wondering, “Why would a medical doctor consult and do copywriting?”  The better question may be, “What can I do for you?”

“Many come to me because they need someone who knows:

  • The healthcare industry as an insider - across many venues.

  • The healthcare audiences, and their needs.

  • The technologies of today and their users.

  • How to communicate and write effectively, and

  • How to overcome challenges and resistance.”

Clients tell me that it is rare to find someone who has worked in some many different roles. They appreciate that I can navigate through their clinical, operational, financial and IT challenges. Someone who sees and avoids problems that other might miss.”

Solving your “unsolvable” health IT problems

Technology abounds today in everything we do in healthcare. There are common symptoms that we see with projects (and new product or service lines) that become ‘unsolvable’. They frequently get labelled as “health IT problems”:

  • Projects that are stalled, and not moving forward. Deadlines missed and costs rising,

  • Initiatives that have launched, but quickly fail due to poor adoption or sales,

  • Strategic projects that you don’t know where (or lack the bandwidth) to start, or

  • You have contracted a large consulting group that keep adding “specialists” to your team and are burning through your budget.

The secret to solving your “unsolvable” health IT problems starts with an experienced, fresh set of eyes assessing where you’re at, seeing what is holding you back, and providing a clear path to achieve your goals.

I have found that successful projects and initiatives require not only consulting expertise, but the ability to effectively communicate compelling messages to your key leaders and stakeholders. 

While my expertise is in healthcare and healthcare IT, I’ve had clients in other industries leverage me as well.

And for those that like resumes…

Dr. Smith began his interest in the field by first automating his office practice with an electronic medical record (EMR) in 1993.  He then had the opportunity to chair the physician implementation committee when his local hospital deployed its clinical information system in 1995. He co-founded a company which utilized business process modeling to map out how information flows from the point of a patient recognizing a need for medical care through the fulfillment of that care.  Today he advises several technology companies. He speaks regularly on topics including Population Health, Change Leadership and Clinical Business Intelligence in healthcare.  He is also founder of Applied Health IT Experts, LLC, providing Health IT content at healthITaccelerator.com.

Dr. Smith served as a Care Transformation consultant for Cerner Corporation from 2001-3 where he helped many hospitals optimize their systems or plan/implement CPOE.  He served over nine years with the multi-hospital Adventist Health System through October 2012. While VP and Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), the health system successfully deployed clinical information systems with CPOE, physician automation and clinical decision support while HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society) Analytics recognized their hospitals at either EMR Adoption Stage 6 or 7.  '

He currently volunteers as a CMIO-surveyor for HIMSS Analytics for their Stage 7 validations and is a member of the Cybersecurity Task Force for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He chaired the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Committee for AMIA, 2016-17 for the Clinical Informatics sub-specialty.

He also served as CMIO at The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute where he created a strategic roadmap for full deployment of the Electronic Health Record (EHR).  Through this focus, HIMSS Analytics has recognized them for achievement for EMR adoption of stage 6 for both their inpatient and ambulatory use of EHR.



Dr. Smith is the author of Making Computerized Provider Order Entry Work (Springer, UK, 2013), the first published book dedicated to CPOE.  He has coined the phrase “commoditized CPOE” and speaks regularly on the importance of managing change through attention to people and processes. He enjoys public speaking and has presented nationally for many organizations including Cerner Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, and Denison Consulting.  He holds an active medical license in the State of Florida.  He obtained his M.D. and M.S. at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, and his Bachelor of Science from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

Med Wreck Cover.PNG

Dr. Smith authored Med Wreck: Proposing a Solution for the Nightmare of Medication Reconciliation in 2017. This e-Book is available exclusively for download at HealthITAccelerator.com/med-wreck. He publishes a twice-monthly e-newsletter as well through that site.